Honor Code Camps!


Honor Code! curricula and daily lesson plans focus on leadership education, academic, physical and extracurricular preparation, class profile, academy physical facility orientation, candidate fitness assessment, orientation to degree & career fields, living the Honor Code, the military setting, personal time management, individual goal setting, how to prepare, how to get into and survive a service academy, as well as, orientation to the amazing area attractions. A Pre-Camp Handbook is available on-line after registration. The handbook contains complete information on how to prepare, travel, complete pre-camp assignments and will answer most camp-related questions.

Instructional materials, such as: Informational binders with academy history, mission, class profile, pre-candidate questionnaire, map, brochures, CFA instructional brief, medical standards, videos, preparation checklist, sample congressional letters, testimonials, websites, printed resources, selected articles, certificate of participation and more is included.   Students will also received a shirt, ball cap, class photograph and more. 
Outstanding students, demonstrating the "Whole Person Concept" may be selected for the Honor Code! camp "Right Stuff" award.