Honor Code Camps!


Q: What is Honor Code!?

Honor Code! camps are exclusive co-educational non-profit preparatory summer camps, located at or near selective United States Service Academies.  We focus on small (12 to 28 students) groups, from grades 9 to 12.  Our speciality is individualized student introduction to the preparation and application processess for attending United States Service Academies.  These camps also include visits to spectacular area attractions around the service academies, like Washington, D.C., New York City and more.

The camps are open to registration on a first come, first served basis.

Overall curricula and daily lesson plans focus on leadership education, academic, physical and extracurricular preparation, class profile, academy physical facility orientation, candidate fitness assessment, orientation to degree & career fields, living the Honor Code, the military setting, how to prepare, how to get into, how to survive a service academy and orientation to area attractions. 

A pre-camp handbook will be available on-line using a student PIN number, after registration. The handbook contains complete information on how to prepare for the camp, complete pre-camp assignments and will answer most camp-related questions.

Honor Code! will provide lodging, most meals, camp transportation, instructors and materials, uniforms, photographs, etc.  Students are responsible for transportation to and from the camp location.

 Q:  What Programs does Honor Code! Sponsor?

Honor Code!  Offers three individual United States Service Academy Preparatory and Leadership Camps.  These camps are held at or near the:

United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

United States Military Academy, West Point, New York

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

Q:  What else do the students experience besides the service academies?

Honor Code! camps include visits to spectacular area attractions, such as:

United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado:  (United States Olympic Training Center, Rocky Mountains, Pike’s Peak, Garden of the God’s, Indoor Sky Diving, Orientation Flights, etc.)

United States Military Academy, West Point, New York: (New York City, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Paintball, Hudson River Boat Cruise, National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, etc.)

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland: (Historic Annapolis, Washington, D.C., Washington Monuments, White House, U.S. Capital, Laser Tag, Kayak Trip, Boat Cruise, etc.)

*Attractions visited depend upon logistics, group interest, availability, time constraints, weather and transportation options.

Q: How do students benefit from attending a Honor Code! camp?

Students who attend Honor Code! camps benefit in several ways. Students often gain a life changing experience, building self-confidence and establishing a sense of purpose.  Students gain an enhanced understanding of the opportunities available to them at the United States Service Academies, gain direction for their educational and career goals, as well as, sometimes establishing a life-long dream.  Students develop a network of friends and mentors which can help them to pursue their goals, while gaining perspectives and appreciation for others.  Students gain a fundamental understanding of the preparation, application and selection criteria for securing a service academy appointment.   

Q:  How is Honor Code! funded?

Honor Code! is a tuition-based, self-supporting educational non-profit corporation, with many students securing financial support from local business, civic, community and leadership organizations - utilizing their own fundraising efforts.

Q:  Does Honor Code! have any political affiliation?

No, Honor Code! is a nonpartisan organization.

Q:  What does Honor Code! tuition cover?

Tuition covers the expenses incurred by Honor Code! in planning and implementing the program. Included in the tuition costs are lodging, all breakfasts and dinners, social events, curriculum materials, certificate of completion, shirt, compensation for the faculty advisors and private transportation during the camp. Transportation to and from designated air ports is also included. Students will need money for lunches, souvenirs and other incidentals (phone calls, snacks, etc.).

Q:  Where will I stay while at Honor Code!?

Students and staff reside at first class hotel and conference centers, adjacent to the individual service academy. 

Q:  Is transportation covered with the tuition?

Transportation to and from the Honor Code! camps is the responsibility of each student. Students receive airport pick-up and drop off transportation, as well as, transportation during the camp. 

Q:  How are students supervised?

Students are supervised 24 hours a day. Our staff includes the program director, mentors, faculty advisors, instructors, educational facilitators, chaperone and operations personnel. The student-to-staff ratio is approximately 6-to-1. Faculty advisors take attendance several times a day at every conference site and may perform room checks every evening.  A certain amount of self-reliance and indivdual maturity is required of the participants.

Q:  Where can I get a sample schedule?

A sample schedule is provided on this website.  Each academy program will vary due to physical location and course content.  The sample is intended to provide a composition of a typical session.

Q:  Once I submit an application and tuition payment, what happens? Is a space guaranteed?

Once you have processed your on-line registration process, you will receive an on-line confirmation letter, which guarantees your enrollment into the program.  Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply early.  The confirmation email will include several attachments, which will help guide and prepare your student for attending the camp.

Participants should complete the on-line registration process.  Once your application and tuition are complete, you will receive a confirmation or notification that the camp is full.  If Honor Code! camps are full, you can ask to be placed on a waitlist.  We encourage early registration, since camps fill fast and very few registrants have historically cancelled.

Q: What is Honor Code!’s cancellation and refund policy?

Because the operation of Honor Code! programs requires extensive advanced planning, costs are incurred long before the start of the conference. Accordingly the following Cancellation & Refund Policy will apply.

Summer Camps: For cancellations prior to and including March 1, of the camp year, there is a cancellation fee of $500; after March 1, and prior to the start of any camp, there are no refunds.

Q: Does Honor Code! offer Tuition & Travel insurance?

Yes. Tuition & Travel Insurance can be purchased at the time of registration, or prior to your camp. The Tuition and Travel Insurance has cancellation protection which safeguards the Student's tuition and other covered expenses while traveling. This travel insurance is available through Tru Travel, by Meridian.  They offer two plans, First Class & Super Saver. To utilize the TruTravel Insurance plan, please see their website at www.trutravelinsurance.com. Students who cancel for covered reasons, as set forth in the Description of Coverage, will be reimbursed for non-refundable tuition and airfare cancellation charges associated with the program. The Plan also includes coverage for Medical Protection, Baggage Protection, Trip Interruption and Delay and Emergency Assistance Services.

Q:  Can special dietary needs be met?

Vegetarian options are available in most cases, and kosher meals can be made available upon request.

Q: Do you have rules regarding student conduct?

Yes. All students and their parents agree to comply with Honor Code!’s Code of Conduct. Honor Code! expects its students to act responsibly and respectfully at all times. In addition, Honor Code! requires that all students exercise behavior and conduct which is commensurate to the setting.  Certain violations of conduct and behavior will result in immediate dismissal without refund. These include, but are not limited to, the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and violence.

Students will be required to wear identification tags at all times and camp shirts during most activities.

Q:  What safety measures does Honor Code! follow?

The safety and supervision of our students is paramount. Our programs are highly structured and thoroughly evaluated for quality and safety. Students will be carefully supervised throughout the program by Honor Code! staff. Resident mentors and administrative staff will reside on-site and will be available to students at any time. 

Students will not be permitted to leave campus on-their-own. Students will wear Honor Code! polo shirt and ball cap, kaki long pants or shorts and name tag identification. 

Students will be met at the airport and provided transportation to the conference site.  We only use single-sex dorm rooms.  The student-to-staff ratio is approximately 6:1.  Students are supervised at nearly all times. We utilize buddy team techniques with the students.  Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced faculty advisors.  Evening room / security checks may occur each night.  Students travel by 12/15 passenger vans and use public transportation on limited field trips occasions.

Q:  Do you accept international students to the program?

Yes, we have several international students participate each year and these situations have been highly benneficial for all camp participants.  Students from France, Bulgaria, Greece, Honduras, Russia, China, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Canada, Ireland, Bahamas, Jakarta and England have attended, as well as, United States citizens who are studying abroad.  Sometimes, extra planning and logistics are required to make sure all travel and customs issues are successfully negotiated, however, we have never failed to make these situations work.  Early planning is the key to successful international participation.