Honor Code Camps!

Quick Overview

Honor Code! camps are exclusive non-profit co-educational programs.  We focus on small (12 to 24 students) groups, from grades 9 to 12.  Our specialty is individualized student introduction, preparation and application processes for attending United States Service Academies.   These camps also include visits to area attractions near the service academies.

The Camps are open to registration on a first come, first served basis.

Overall curricula and daily lesson plans focus on leadership education, academic, physical and extracurricular preparation, class profile, academy physical facility orientation, candidate fitness assessment, orientation to degree & career fields, living the Honor Code, the military setting, how to prepare, how to apply and get into a service academy. A pre-camp handbook is available on-line using a student PIN number, after registration. The handbook contains complete information on how to prepare for the camp, complete pre-camp assignments and will answer most camp-related questions.
Honor Code! will provide lodging, most meals, camp transportation, instructors and materials, uniforms, photographs, etc.  Students are responsible for transportation to and from the camp location and incidental expenses.