Honor Code Camps!

Sample Schedule

0700:  Wake-up

0730:  Breakfast

0800:  Classroom Instruction:  Personal Goal Setting / Individual Organizational Skills

0900:  Classroom Instruction:  How to Prepare, How to Apply & How to Get Into the Academy

1000:  Video:  (West Point, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Summer Seminar, Cadet Summers, etc.)

1100:  Cadet Briefing and Academy Tour

12N:    Lunch

1230:   Cadet Fitness Assessment

1600:   Classroom Instruction:  Leadership Training

1700:  Free Time

1800:  Dinner

1900:  Movie: "The Right Stuff"

2100:  Free Time / Individual Counseling

2200:  Lights Out / "Spirit Mission"

*Variations Include:

- Academy Visit, Cadet Parade, local area attractions field trip, special activity (indoor sky diving, ropes, leadership, orienteering, camo / paint ball, laser tag, horse back riding, kayaking, orientation flights, boat trip, etc.), admissions briefing, special subject lecture and much more.