Honor Code Camps!

Parents / Family

Honor Code! suggests that families make arrangements in advance regarding making telephone contact with your child. Students will have very little free time during the camp and spend little time in their sleeping rooms. 

Cell phones are permitted at the camp and may be used during social times. Calling cards are also strongly recommended. 

In case of an emergency, parents can contact the field office and speak with the Executive Director. The office coordinator will contact the appropriate member of the staff to locate the student and ensure he/she calls home.

Due to the busy camp schedule, student visits with friends or relatives during the camp are discouraged; however, on or off-camp visits will be permitted if arranged through advanced written request, from a parent or a guardian.  Parents are also discouraged from making status checks or general informational contacts during the camp.  This is a very busy program, with complicated logistical challenges.  Please allow the program to progress and allow your child to gain some independence and exercise some atonomy. 
It may be possible to arrange for early student release or an authorized family member or guardian to make a pick-up, with prior arrangement. Contact Honor Code! for these special situations.