Honor Code Camps!


The safety and supervision of our students is paramount. Our programs are highly structured and thoroughly evaluated for quality and safety. Students will be carefully supervised throughout the program by Honor Code! staff. Resident mentors and administrative staff will reside on-site and will be available to students at any time. 

Students will not be allowed to leave campus / facility on-their-own. Students will be provided Honor Code! polo shirt and ball cap, kahki long pants or shorts and name tag identification. 

Students will be met at the airport and provided transportation to the conference site.  We only use single-sex dorm rooms.  The student-to-staff ratio is generally 6:1.  Compliant students are supervised at all times. We utilize buddy-team techniques with the students.  Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced faculty advisors.  Evening room / security checks occur each night.  Students travel by passenger vans and only use public transportation on limited field trip occasions.

 *The ability for Honor Code! camp personnel to provide for student safety is contingent upon the compliance of the individual student with camp rules, directives and supervision - especially the Code of Conduct.  Students must display the maturity and discipline necessary to govern themselves professionally, safely and respectfully.