Honor Code Camps!


Supervision, mentoring and course work will be presented by Honor Code! staff instructors, mentors, professional educators, practicing professionals, leaders in fields of study, service academy liaison officers, JROTC instructors, service academy admissions representatives and Cadet / Midshipman presentations. 

Special subject guest instructors, as well as, contracted team building facilitators may be scheduled for Ropes, Leadership Reaction and Orienteering courses.  During some courses, students may participate in horse back riding, orientation aircraft flights, boat rides, laser tag / paint ball activities, hiking, and more.  Some of these activities may require additional liability releases.

Supervisors, mentors and instructors will utilize informational binders, academy history, mission, class profile, pre-candidate questionnaire, map, brochure, CFA instructional brief, medical standards, preparation checklist, sample congressional letters, testimonials, websites, printed resources, selected articles, certification of participation, student evaluation, class photograph, etc.
During certain field trips, students may have limited supervision. This means students may have the freedom to visit specific sites within designated areas without direct supervision, utilizing designated check-in and check-out procedures (e.g. – Capitol Hill, Capitol Mall museums and monuments, Olympic Training Center, Historic Annapolis, Arlington National Cemetery, New York City, etc.)
In addition, students will be allowed the freedom to move throughout the hotel unescorted, before and after formal instructional periods.  Students will have the ability to socialize with each other, without constant oversight.  Students are expected to adhere to strict conduct rules in the hotels and comply with the curfew, check-in, buddy system and sleep / rest guidelines.  However, parents are cautioned that these rules are only effective if your student adheres to them.  A certain amount of personal responsiblity and maturity will be required by the students.  If in your judgement you feel your student is not ready, nor can manage these free periods of personal responsibility, do not send him or her to this program.   Camp personnel cannot possibly provide oversight for each student, 24 hours per day, considering work / rest realities.